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Stress is the biggest friend of Coronavirus

why it’s necessary to not take the stress and what to do when you feel minor Covid Symptoms?

Swati Sharma
Covid Symptoms
Covid Symptoms

We all are fighting from covid these days. We are under stress because of the information provided, such as 60% of Delhi's population getting infected, the number of deaths per day, the number of infected people per day, etc.

We are not saying that this is not the truth or you don't need to get this information. Awareness is always good, but we request you to consume these reports positively. 

The only thing is to follow the guidelines:

Move out when it's necessary.

Use a double mask when you go out and have a bath once you back.

Use sanitizer outside and wash your hands at home after every 25-30 minutes.

Don't panic; think about positive things and be happy.

Do meditation and yoga in the morning and follow healthier habits

What to do when you feel minor symptoms of Covid-19

First of all, don't take stress, our immunity gets weaker, and we have more probability of getting infected because of low immunity.

Consult with the doctor and start medication as per doctors' advice.

Get isolated and do whatever you wanted to do for a long time but because of regular responsibilities, you have not done like painting, writing, reading, etc.

Check temperature and oxygen level at 4-5 hours of interval.

You will surely come out from this problem in 14 days; then you can sit with your family members but don't forget to follow the guidelines.

The significant population defeated Coronavirus by keeping themselves isolated at home with regular medication as per the doctor's advice. 

There is no need to rush to the hospital if your condition is not critical; if you feel a problem breathing and your oxygen level is low, then only go to the hospital.

"Everybody goes through difficult times, but it is those who push through those difficult times which will eventually become successful in life. Don't give up because this too shall pass." ― Jeanette Corona

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