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Study Agriculture for a successful career

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Study in its meaning, is highly linked to the prospects of how well you would do with your career and how successful would you be in the sector. Students are generally motivated to take up such courses which would render them source of money/income just after they complete their course. And Agriculture has been made attractive with such lucrative. After completing education in Agriculture, students will not have to wander for employment anymore. After completion of studies, the students' farmhouse will be recognized as an agricultural consulting center. Indeed, after completing his studies, the student does not take any interest in agricultural work and wanders for employment in another field. Now this type of problem will not be there. During the study, students will be more focused on practical work.

Indira Gandhi Agricultural University has initiated this initiative. It will be started in all the colleges affiliated by the University. After completion of studies, all the facilities will be provided for farming under the schemes of the government and it will be recognized as the Agricultural Counseling Center. All agricultural counseling centers will be provided with internet facility. All centers will be connected among themselves.

80 percent of the students in Agriculture College  belongs to agri-background and are engaged in farming and have a farm. Students who do not have a field will be formed in a group of students and will be included with the students who have the farm. Students will be admitted to colleges located around their residence. The college will provide the cost of equipment and expenditure in this practical field.

Students will now be practicing practical at the farms for three years. Students will go to their own fields for two days a week from the third semester in that manner they will understand better production of crop and agricultural work. Until now the students were made to do practical only in one semester. After completion of studies, the students generally are not interested in agricultural work and they are look out for any other work. Given this problem, the authorities seriously considered and took this measure.

All agricultural counseling centers will be connected to the Internet and will be able to contribute to the new technology and crops information of crop production. If any vegetable, fruit and crop is being produced in any area, they will also provide better market for it. If there is any problem in the production, it will also be resolved by doing research in the university. This would allow students to increase their income by joining agricultural work. Not only this, the government will buy crops and vegetables produced by these students.

The following is the manner in which practicals would be integrated in the students’ course :

1- The first year students will be studying in college and will get information on farming techniques.

2- Students from the second year will go home for practical for two days a week.

3- Four days of the week will be researched to solve the problem of Practical tomorrow.

4- The third year students will be practical for three days a week.

5- After completing the fourth year, the student's farmhouse will get the approval of the Agriculture Counseling Center.

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