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Sultan- The Mighty Buffalo whose Semen used to sell in lakhs Dies of Heart Attack

The famous buffalo - Sultan died of heart attack in kaithal, Haryana. Sultan used to be the pride of all cattle fairs of the state.

Sugandh Bhatnagar
Sultan - The buffalo
Sultan - The buffalo

The famous buffalo - Sultan died of a heart attack in kaithal, Haryana. Sultan used to be the pride of all cattle fairs of the state. 

In the fair held in Pushkar, Rajasthan, the bid of Sultan (Buffalo) was in crores, but his owner decided not to part ways with him, but now the Sultan has gone away from his master forever. After the death of the Sultan, his master, Naresh Beniwal is very sad.

Sultan – the 1200 kg Buffalo

Sultan was no ordinary buffalo. He used to weigh 1200 kg and was a genuine celebrity, drawing bigger crowds than many politicians or actors with his oiled body, smooth grey- black hide & glittering eyes. His sperms used to fetch its owner over Rs 90 lakhs every year as there was a huge demand for his semen in the state. he was a Murrah breed of buffalo.

Sultan was a national winner in the ‘National Animal Beauty Competition’ in Jhajjar, Karnal and Hisar held in the year 2013. In Pushkar fair of Rajasthan, an animal lover had offered to buy Sultan for Rs 21 crore, but his owner, Naresh Beniwal decided not to sell him as he treated him like his own son.

This 6 Feet long bull used to consume 15 kgs apples and 20 kgs of carrots every day. He died of a heart attack a few days ago. Sultan Buffalo of Budakheda village of Kaithal was famous not only in Haryana but the whole country. His owner Naresh says that there will be no one like sultan ever. It is because of him Sultan, his owner is famous all over India.

His owner took great care of the Sultan and considered him a part of his family. According to the reports, Sultan used to earn about one crore rupees annually. Naresh says that after the death of Sultan, he will never be able to forget him ever.

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