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Tamil Nadu ranks first in area and production of banana but in Tamil Nadu banana cultivation has a limitation because the state experience strong wind that cause the falling down of banana plant during strong wind. Heavy rainfall and strong wind that are the limiting factor of the banana cultivation. This is the main reason the Tamils did not go with banana cultivation. But, the farmers of Theni , Chinnamanur and uthampalayam region of the Tamil Nadu have a different story

The field is ploughed well and furrow are formed 6 feet apart.

The planting is  done at a distance of 5-6 feet apart in each furrow.

Planting is done at a depth of 6 inches in the furrow.

The required quantities of organic manure, 5gm phorate and 200gm neem cake are applied in each pit.

Watering in done thereafter through drip irrigation.

Fertigation start from 10th day in wards.

Earthings up is done twice.

The major problems of banana cultivation in Tamil Nadu is weed and ratoon crop. Therefore necessary inter culture operation is done to get rid higher income and net profit. The farmers who interested to grow banana by using this system are advised to the Theni, Chinnamanur and Uthampalayam area of Tamil Nadu to gather first hand information.

Economics of banana cultivation by the farmer

Initial investment 2,00,000

Yield 100 tonnes

Value 4,00,000

Net Profit  2,00,000 { profit from two ratoon} 2,50,000

Grand total profit :- 4,50,000

These data inspires those farmers who think that banana cultivation is hard in their state. They can use techniques like HDP could get high yield and net profit 4,50,000/ha in about 30 months.

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