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The Tale of Two Young Farmers who joined hands to change destiny of Karnataka Farmers & provide pesticide-free vegetables to Consumers

Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan
Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan

The Top 3 challenges today are getting pesticide free vegetables, traceability of the veggies & Farm Fresh harvest within the same day of  delivery. In 2018, two like-minded people, Bhaskar and Raju joined hands with an aim to provide pesticide-free vegetables to the consumers. They started growing veggies on their own farms for over a year. They supplied to a few stores in South Bengaluru.

With uncertainties from farm to store, they realized that they should sell their veggies directly to the consumers. That’s how ibOrganic was born in April 2019. 

ibOrganic's vision was to inspire 100+ farmers to adopt Organic farming and to provide financial stability by uplifting the farmers. They started with veggies delivery to one apartment on Kanakapura road and now cater to 30+ apartment communities in & around Bengaluru South, West & North with more than 500+ trusted customers. 

As educated farmers, ibOrganic's mission is to provide traceability of the food that the consumers eat by providing the farmer's name, GPS location & crops that they grew. With a unique proposition compared to anyone else in the market for each customer's order, i.e. the next morning they harvest the vegetables based on the customer's request & deliver the same day by afternoon/evening. 

In order to achieve their goals, they are working with young and urban farmers along with a few season’s farmers, who understand ibOrganic's vision and have come forward to work with them. They provide training, guidance, and inputs to the farmers in order to grow crops without chemicals.  

The two important elements needed for practicing organic farming is compost made of biomaterials and pesticide with no chemical contents. 

For organic fertilizers, they have tied up with BCXOrganics to source certified organic fertilizers. BCXOrganics fertilizers and pesticides are 100% organic and can be used in organic agriculture, their inputs are certified organic by the Control Union under APEDA, Govt of India. 

When it comes to compost, they used farmyard manure for their farms initially but they always thought they needed something better. That's when they were introduced to SwachaGraha Compost Connect that works towards connecting urban compost producers from apartments and gated communities with farmers in and around Bengaluru. SGCC educates apartment communities in converting precious organic waste coming out of urban kitchens and gardens back to the soil in the form of nutritious compost (Black Gold), thereby closing the loop in the most beautiful way possible. On a weekly basis, the Black Gold is picked from the apartments, cured in their farms for 30-45 days and then distributed to their farmers. Farmers use this compost to enhance the soil and the veggies grown are served back to the same apartments thereby creating an ecosystem between the consumers and farmers.  

This ecosystem has helped & touched several customers in various ways and few customers visit our farms during the weekends with their families to come closer to Mother Earth.  Here comes ibOrganic's motto, which is supporting humanity for better and healthier living. 

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