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TMR feed for better milk productivity in cattle

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

The scarcity of fodder for cattle is a major problem faced by the cattle owners.

Usually, small farmers use fodder collected from their locality. The summer and heavy rainfall may fail the constant availability of fodder. Especially in Kerala, farmers at this period of time source their fodder from the neighboring states of Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu.Another alternative is the commercial fodder,  at the same time these farmers can't afford it throughout the year.

In this context, the Total Mixed Ration( TMR )has been introduced in Aluva, Kerala which is suitable for smaller ruminants like goats. Dr. Unni Krishnan who introduced this in Kerala says that he came to know about this practice which is widely practiced in foreign countries from Rajasthan.

Each mouthful of TMR contains enough nutrients necessary for the animals and there is no question of overfeeding and underfeeding. TMR yields good results, enhances milk productivity and also the increase in fat content in milk. TMR is used by many farmers as feed for cows, and they have started to yield good results.

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