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Top Most Profitable Business Ideas with Less Space & Money; Start These 3 Businesses Now at Home

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher
Pic Credit: Entrepreneur.com

Want to start your own business but have less money and space? Not to worry, we are here to tell you about some brilliant profitable business ideas that you can start now. These 3 low-cost businesses you can easily start at your home and make good profits. So, get ready to become a good businessman by starting these low cost profitable business ideas

Low Cost Profitable Business Ideas

1. Breakfast Shop Business

It is an evergreen low cost profitable business which you can start anytime and anywhere. You do not even need much knowledge for it or have to find customers. Once people come to know about your shop, they will come again for it. You only need to keep in mind that whatever you make must be delicious and use good company things. Take care of hygiene and you are good to go.

2. Bakery Shop Business

As, there has been a change in the eating habits of the people, the demand for bakery products has also increased. Earlier, we used to go to the bakery shop only for taking birthday cake. Now a variety of snacks are also available in bakery shops, which most people like very much. Therefore, this low cost profitable business idea will also give you a lot of benefits. If you want, you can also take a franchise of a famous bakery chain or open your own shop for this. It does not require much investment.

Pic Credit: Balifamilyguide.com

3. Tiffin Service Business

Nowadays, working professionals and students living alone in cities do not have enough time to cook themselves, so they have to get tiffin. If you know how to cook well then you too can start your own tiffin service business. For this also you do not need much investment. Thus, it is low cost profitable business idea which too can be started at home and earn you good money.

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