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Uttar Pradesh Gears Up for Sri Anna Mahotsav to Promote Millet Usage

Sri Anna Mahotsav is expected to be a stepping stone in the journey towards making millets a staple in Uttar Pradesh and fostering sustainable agricultural practices in the state.

Shivam Dwivedi
Uttar Pradesh Gears Up for Sri Anna Mahotsav to Promote Millet Usage. Photo: Shivam Dwivedi
Uttar Pradesh Gears Up for Sri Anna Mahotsav to Promote Millet Usage. Photo: Shivam Dwivedi

In a bid to raise awareness about the benefits of millets and their cultivation, the UP government is all set to host the Sri Anna Mahotsav from October 27 to 29, 2023. This three-day event, held at the Indira Gandhi Pratishthan in the state capital, aims to encourage the use of millets and recognize the efforts of progressive farmers who have contributed to millet production.

The event, coming just before the Krishi Kumbh, will witness the inauguration by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on its first day. The Sri Anna Mahotsav is set to be a state-level workshop where farmers from different divisions will come together to share their experiences and knowledge.

On the opening day, farmers from six divisions will converge to discuss millet cultivation and consumption. The second day will see participation from farmers in five divisions, and on the final day, seven divisions will join the event. In total, fifty progressive farmers from each division will be part of this initiative.

The primary objective of the Sri Anna Mahotsav is to create awareness among both the general public and farmers regarding the cultivation and consumption of millets within the state. Millets are gaining recognition worldwide for their numerous health benefits and their role in sustainable agriculture.

To further promote millets, approximately 40 stalls featuring various millet-based food products will be set up during the event. This will give attendees the opportunity to taste and appreciate the diverse culinary offerings derived from millets.

In addition to fostering millet awareness, the state government has announced plans to honor farmers who have made significant contributions to millet production. This recognition aims to encourage more farmers to explore millet cultivation and drive its adoption across the state.

The Sri Anna Mahotsav is not only a celebration of millets but a step towards making them a more prominent part of Uttar Pradesh's agricultural landscape. By engaging farmers, the government hopes to spark a millet revolution that will not only boost agricultural sustainability but also improve the health and nutrition of its citizens.

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