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White Fungus: Is it deadlier than Black Fungus? Know its Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

Amid the second wave of COVID- 19, India saw several cases of Black Fungus, now another fungal infection has been reported in COVID- 19 patients known as White Fungus.

Shivam Dwivedi
Virus (Pic Credit- Perstorp)

Amid the second wave of COVID- 19, India saw several cases of Black Fungus, now another fungal infection has been reported in COVID- 19 patients known as White Fungus.  

As per a report, Dr SN Singh, Head of Microbiology, Department of PMCH, confirmed the cases of White Fungus. He informed that four such cases were detected so far and all the 4 patients showed COVID- 19 symptoms but had tested negative in every test. He further said that after a detailed investigation, it was revealed that they were infected with white fungus.  

Is it more dangerous than Black Fungus? 

As per health experts this white fungus infection is deadlier than Black Fungus. They further said that it not only affects patients lungs but also other parts of the body like nails, stomach, skin, kidney, brain and private parts and mouth. 

Symptoms of White Fungus & Who is at Risk? 

As per doctors, the symptoms of white fungus is very similar to that of COVID- 19, it also infect the lungs. The infection can be detected by performing HRCT test. It is said that people suffering from medical issues like diabetes or those who are on steriods for a long time are at risk of getting infected with white fungus. 

White Fungus infection is also affecting those coronavirus patients who are on oxygen support. As per doctors, cancer patients took remain on alert against White Fungus. The White Fungus also infects children and woman and according to doctors it is the main reason of Leucorrhoea. 

Dr Singh advised that it is easy to prevent White Fungus infection by sanitizing the oxygen or ventilator properly.  

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