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With folded hands, Prime Minister says, We are ready to discuss all Issues

Prity Barman
Prity Barman
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PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, firmly supporting farming laws that sparked big protests near Delhi, said talks on new legislation eliminating MSP or the minimum crop support price is a complete lie which was being spread.  

If someone has questions, we are willing to talk and re-examine with modesty and that too with our heads bowed and our hands folded, PM Modi said. The Prime Minister also said that although each government had discussed agricultural reforms for more than twenty years, the opposition was tricky farmers.  

Today both groups are sorrowful. They wonder how Modi could do what they could not do in this whole period. You're eager to get recognition for Modi. My response is: you retain your credit. I don't deserve credit. I just don't want credit. I really want to change farmers' lives. Detain farmers that are misleading. The Prime Minister followed the farmer's crisis with many of his latest comments and attempted to justify why his government's laws are ideal for them. But today, in the light of demonstrations along the roads across Delhi by thousands of farmers, he spoke directly to farmers as part of the government's major push. This includes several senior ministers. 

PM Modi added that he would like to expose those who do not care or even worry for the farmers. He would like to warn anyone who in the name of these farm rules, is fooled and instigated. 

During the 2018 elections in states such as Madhya Pradesh, he referred to Congress' promise to revoke agricultural credits. “Promises which were made prior to the polls in Madhya Pradesh were all fake. They said that if they succeed, they would cancel all the farm loans within 10 days for each farmer in the state. They just cheat and try and make use of your promises or your doubts," he said. 

These people have been using the farmers by first lying and getting votes from them. 

The PM quoted MS Swaminathan Committee study on agrarian reform as the greatest evidence of the ruthlessness of the governments of Congress. These people have waited on the findings of the Swaminathan Commission for eight long years... They have ensured that there is nothing in their government spending on farmers, and they have kept the report under wraps," PM Modi said. 

The farmers refuse to call off demonstrations until the government drops the rules, which they are afraid, would abolish their guaranteed minimum income and leave them free for corporate abuse. However, the government says the regulation requires farmers elsewhere in the world to market their produce. 

PM Modi said that the Centre has only stated that whether the farmer sells his produce in the market or outside, it will be his will, adding that the single market is not closed since the new laws were enacted. 

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