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World’s Largest Fish Caught in the Fishermen’s Net in Visakhapatnam

Some local fishermen rescued a shark entangled in the shore fishing net on Tantadi beach in Andhra Pradesh's Visakhapatnam, said District Forest Officer (DFO), Anant Shankar.

Ayushi Raina
World’s Largest Fish Caught in the Fishermen’s Net
World’s Largest Fish Caught in the Fishermen’s Net

According to District Forest Officer (DFO) Anant Shankar, a group of local fishermen have rescued a shark trapped in a shore fishing net at Tantadi beach in Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh). 

The DFO said that the shark was later sent back to the sea by forest department officials, fisherman, and animal conservationists. "It's a whale shark, the largest fish in the world. These are at danger "He stated. 

"The DFO's instructions were straightforward: lead the whale shark to safety sparing no efforts or expenses.   Herculean efforts, both physical and mental, were made by the forest department, fishermen, and wildlife conservationists to guide this 2-tonne fish back into the ocean alive. And it was a huge success. The whale shark successfully swam back into the ocean's depths "he further stated. 

"The images of the shark are currently being shared with the Maldives Whale shark research program for identification.

This would help us in better understanding the movements and territories of these gentle giants. Furthermore, the fisherman are being cautioned and urged to approach the forest department immediately for rescue and safe release in such an eventuality, as time is of the essence in such operations. The fishermen would be compensated for any damage to their fishing nets caused by the release of whale sharks if the whale sharks get entangled in their fishing nets "He stated. 

About Whale Shark: 

Whale sharks (Rhincodon typus) are the world's largest sharks and, indeed, any fish alive today. They eat plankton and travel long distances to get enough food to sustain their massive size and breed.

Whale sharks may be found in all of the world's tropical oceans. Their white spotted coloring distinguishes these gentle giants, making them attractive with snorkelers and divers at sites where they aggregate off the coast. 

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