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Everything You Must Know About Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse 2019

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo

The much-awaited Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar - a total lunar eclipse has begun on 20th January 2019 and will be visible all across the world including Europe, Africa and entire America on 20th and 21st January.

As per available information, the total lunar eclipse is likely to remain for 62 minutes (1 hour and 2 minutes) and for the very first time people in the entire US will be able to see it. Sadly, people in India, Asia and Australia will not be able to view the total lunar eclipse this time.

What is total Lunar Eclipse?

For those who don’t know, an eclipse takes place when the moon passes through the Earth’s shadow and the Earth, Moon and Sun line up in space.

In the meantime, the term Blood Moon starts off from the eclipse which is likely to happen just before the full moon. The colour of the moon is also predicted to be a little dark reddish-orange as compared to normal. According to NASA, the colour of the Blood Moon actually depends upon the dust and clouds in the atmosphere.

The full Moon will emerge bigger than normal as it is closer to the Earth say for about 222,000 miles away - which gives it the nickname ‘Super Moon’.

Other nicknames for it are ‘Wolf Moon’, a traditional way of coining an eclipse in the month of January, and a "Blood Moon" due to its rusty, red color. Therefore the name for this year's event is a "super blood wolf, Moon."

During the peak of the eclipse, and if the night skies will be clear of clouds, the Venus and Jupiter will be shining brightly in the night sky.

Timings of Super Blood Wolf Moon

  • In India, the total lunar eclipse will appear roughly at 11:41 EST i.e. 10:41 am.

  • In France, it can be seen at 04:34 in the morning or at 10:34 pm in Quebec. Moreover, the partial eclipse will start at the Moon passes into Earth's shadow.

  • In the US, the edge of the Moon will begin to fall into shadow at about 7:33 pm on the West Coast and around 10:33 pm on the East Coast.

How to see Super Blood Wolf Moon?

It's an unusual event when a total lunar eclipse is visible at so many parts of the Earth's land mass, as is the case today.

People in India who are interested in viewing the event live can tune in to the Griffith Observatory to have a close-up view of the total lunar eclipse. They can also watch the scene through LIVE Stream on - timeanddate.com and the Virtual Telescope Project.

As per the Griffith Observatory, the eclipse will be observable anywhere from southern California and you won’t require any special equipment for this. There are several other observatories that are also live streaming the event for all people who are based outside America.

People in Europe last saw a total lunar eclipse in July 2018. Next, they will be able to see a lunar eclipse in 2022. However, the entire continent won't be able to view the totality of a lunar eclipse again until 2029.

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