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Photo Feature : Khari Baoli , Ace Race & Marketplace

In the Alleys , By-lanes of Chandni Chowk

Sheetal Dhamecha

In the Alleys, By-lanes of Chandni Chowk

Photo feature by Sheetal Dhamecha
Photo feature by Sheetal Dhamecha

Arise, Awake and Stop Not

“Utho , Jaago aur Lakshya Prapti tak ruko mat,” are the inspirational words of Swami Vivekanand right below the statue of him. Standing tall exactly opposite to the marketplace, it seems to oversee all of it.

Chale Chalo, Chale Chalo!

Khari Baoli – Asia’s largest Wholesale Spice Market. Believed to be there since the 17th century, the oldest wholesale market is full of activity from dawn to dusk. The Baoli no longer exists, what does now is anything and everything significant to TRADE.


Not just spices, there is a wide range of commodities like dry fruits,
herbs, sweets, pulses traded.
Seems chaotic at first glance, but the market is a well organized space.

Either it is Ancestral or it doesn’t exist.

Most of the shops in the region are as old as 100 years and the business has been there for generations. It’s almost impossible to find a new player join the fraternity……for the roots are deep and have now touched the skies.

Like father, Like son!

Truly said, the business is since generations and for generations.

Handle with care

The heavy cartons of dry fruits demand to be handled with care….And when it falls down, who cares for the caretaker?

Are-O, Aroma

With heavy eyes and a heavy heart, Babuji carries  sacks of
cardamom. “kaha se aata h, kaha jata h, hume kuch nahi pata.”


Nuances of business, they know it all
Have been doing it since ages like an art form!

What's Trade without Bargain!

Predominantly wholesale, but who says no to a customer! Tourists or locals, the rich den attracts a lot many direct consumers.

After all, a satisfied customer is the best strategy!

A new place in search of space.

…..for if you don’t find enough space, there are a lot many people to kick you out of the marketplace.

The man finds a non-disturbing space for counting and cross-checking the no. of sacks delivered.

Rukna Mana Nahi Hai.

Too robust to stop. Be it buyers or sellers, cart pullers  or
rickshaw pullers, everybody is in a hustle.

Hello Brother, I am amazed that you found a space for you and your cart and had the courage to halt amidst the race.

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