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ADAMA, RiceTec Launch New Herbicide-Tolerant Technology

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

The Max-Ace technology takes advantage of a unique non-GMO trait that gives the rice enhanced tolerance to HighCard herbicide. HighCard is a unique safened proprietary product made by ADAMA, which will be labeled for post emergence control of grassy weeds in rice, including red and weedy rice. HighCard will need to be applied sequentially before establishing the flood to meet stewardship requirements & maximize the effectiveness and longevity of the technology.

Dave Feist, ADAMA’s Product Strategy Manager for rice said, “ADAMA is pleased to be partnering with RiceTec to bring this new weed management solution to the US market. Registration is being targeted for a full introduction in the 2022 growing season, pending all applicable EPA and other approvals".

Coming on the heels of a successful launch of the FullPage Rice Cropping Solution, RiceTec & ADAMA are eager to introduce the new Max-Ace herbicide tolerance technology to the rice marketplace.

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The Max-Ace technology would give rice growers a high-yielding, rice rotation alternative to FullPage and conventional offerings from RiceTec.

“Max-Ace will finally give rice farmers what they’ve been waiting for…a high-yielding herbicide tolerance partner to the FullPage system, which will provide control of red rice and other grass weeds that have built resistance to the IMI herbicides,” says Leandro Pasqualli, Strategic Product Lead for RiceTec.

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