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DuPont launches Syncra® SWI -- an Adaptive Feed Additive for Swine

DuPont Industrial Biosciences, a subsidiary of DuPont, launched Syncra® SWI, an adaptive feed additive that powers the diet by way of improving energy and amino acid digestibility for grower and finisher pigs, thereby improving growth and reducing feed costs.

With this highly researched and tested solution, swine producers in the United States and Asia-Pacific regions can maximize feed efficiency and achieve consistent growth performance for sustainable profitability.

DuPont scientists have found that Syncra® SWI delivers exceptional consistency, with 75 percent of Syncra® SWI animal trials showing a feed conversion ratio (FCR) improvement of more than 3 percent. This reliability ultimately helps reduce costs for swine producers.

Syncra® SWI provides unique energy and amino acid digestibility for pigs powered by the probiotic’s agile enzyme-production, working in harmony with the protease. This solution strengthens gut barrier and stimulates short-chain fatty acid production in the hind gut, contributing to enhanced gut health.

“We enter a new era with Syncra® SWI – a feed additive that delivers an adaptive and consistent probiotic (direct-fed microbial, DFM) solution for grower and finisher pigs,” said Arno de Kreij, Global Swine segment manager, DuPont Industrial Biosciences. “Disappointing results with products in the past have made swine producers rightly skeptical of feed additives outside of phytase. The proven reliability of Syncra® SWI brings the long-awaited performance and profitability solution that swine producers need,” he added.

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