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Earn 15 Lakh Per Acre With This Lemon Variety

Doubling the Farmers Income is the talk of the town, these days. Farmers are also trying to cultivate different ways and means for farming to increase income.

Monika Mondal
Fresh Lemons On The Branch Of A Tree
Fresh Lemons On The Branch Of A Tree

These days, doubling a farmer's income is the talk of the town. Farmers are also attempting to cultivate new methods and techniques of farming in order to boost their income. In his speeches, Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi also promotes the notion of doubling farmers' income by 2022.

Many governmental and private organizations are also working on this critical issue. He has also demonstrated his dedication to the Hero Organics company. According to the corporation, the profit is determined by the farmer's competence and agricultural management, the market, and the season.

Farmers can enhance their income by gardening ten times instead of two times, according to Hero Organic. Actually, the company has a new variety of lemons that farmers can plant and make Rs.5 to Rs.15 lac per acre in a very short period of time, say a few years.

Who says that money is not grown on the trees!

Here is an example where  Rishi Pal Singh, Village Landora Gurjar, Saharnpur, "I purchased the seedling of the evergreen lemon from Hero Organic, on which the flowers and fruits started coming from the very first month. All the farmers are enthusiastic to see this. The fellow  farmers can witness the same in my orchard."

The evergreen seedling of the Lemon in the field of Landora Gurjar, Saharnpur was planted by Saharnpur Famous Child Specialist Dr R D Mittal  & Farmer Shri Rishi Pal Singh and Companies Organizer Shri Rajeev Singh Chouhan. 

In the stanch heat/Hardcore Summer, a fruit in bunch variety with a higher fruit capacity is available. The fruit of the Kagji Neembo is more luscious and gleaming. The size of the fruits is Extremely appealing, ranging from 30 to 40 grams.

The detailed information about the evergreen variety of Lemon is given below:

Appropriate for all Type of Soil

The importance of soil in the growth of any sort of fruit cannot be emphasized. It is difficult to plant a seedling in barren soil. However, there is no soil issue with these types. With a pH range of 5 to 8, the cultivar is suitable for all types of soil.

Important Information:

The price of early Lemino is Rs.150 and Rs.250 for the seedling, and the plant's age is around 10 months + and 20 months, respectively. The fruit weighs approximately 600 grams. (Time and weight can varies).

From Where You can Purchase the Seed:

For all types of Fruit plants and Horticulture plants/ Nursery Plants/and purchase of Nursery. Please Contact:

-Hero Organic, 2 KM, Hasanpur Chungi se Rajvahe ki Patri, Taharpur Telephone Exchange Colony Road, Saharanpur 247001 (UP) Phone: 75358 75357, 75358, 75358

For more information, you can visit the company YouTube Channel Hero Organic video

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