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IARI New variety-2018

Brinjal-Pusa Hara Baigan-1

Pusa Hara Baigan 1 is the first green coloured oval fruited variety suitable for kharif season under north Indian condition. Plants are non spiny, erect  branches with light purple pigmentation on younger leaves,mid-rib and veins.Fruits are big oval, green with light purple patches. Each fruit weighs 210-220 g having green non-spiny calyx. Maturity period is between 55-60 days (days to first fruit harvest from transplanting). It contains higher total phenol (31.21 mg GAE/100G) with high antioxidant activity (3.41 CUPRAC µ mol trolox /g).The potential yield of the variety is 40-45 t/ha.

Grape Hybrid-Pusa Swarnika

It is a hybrid between Hur x Cardinal. It matures early with large berry (4-5 g) which are round golden-yellow colour, firm pulp, very sweet in taste (TSS 22° Brix), natural loose bunches with average bunch size is 400 g. It is suitable for table purpose, juice making and munnakka preparation. The average yield ranges from 8 to 10 t/ha in head system.

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