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Mosaic India introduced naturally occurring fertiliser, KMag

Mosaic India the leader in crop nutrition management has recently introduced its naturally occurring fertilizer, K Mag for the city of Nashik, Maharashtra. The main aim of the introduction of this product is to Promote balanced crop nutrition of which Potassium, Magnesium & Sulphur are important nutrients in Indian Soil. Mosaic India is providing the agriculture sector with path-breaking initiatives in the field of agronomy, marketing & trade policies to deliver the highest quality and most innovative crop nutrition products, helping farmers rise to the challenge.

Mosaic India’s K Mag is a naturally occurring fertiliser, mined in the USA with potassium (k), Magnesium (Mg) & Sulphur(S) readily available in 22%, 18% & 20% proportions. Moreover, it is pH neutral in nature which is really beneficial for the crops. Mosaic India’s K Mag is naturally occurring which makes it extremely efficient for the plant, resulting in required nutrition of K, Mg & S. The correct usage of K Mag ensures increased quality yield & better price for the produce. It is recommended to be used at the time of sowing. Since soil and climatic changes can limit a crop’s uptake of naturally occurring nutrients in the soil at key growth stages. This hinders the growth of the crop, making it suffer. Therefore, to harvest a crop that is resilient, excellent and rich in minerals, it is necessary to provide it with proper nutrition. In order to increase and maintain crop yields on a single patch of agriculture land throughout a growing season, soil fertility must be consistently high. 

K Mg, and S increase the yield & quality of the produce. It increases the amount of chlorophyll formation in the plant producing more food for the plant. Moreover, it enhances crop resistance, helps root development, nitrogen and phosphorus fixation and pungency. Lastly, it keeps the soil healthy and increases oil content and protein in crops.


Availability: Nashik ,Maharashtra

Price:On request

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About Mosaic:

Mosaic, a fortune 500 company and a global leader in producing and marketing concentrated phosphate and potash, is championing on the cause of providing crop nutrition products to farmers and helping the world grow the food it needs. The company employs more than 15,000 people globally, and participates in every aspect of crop nutrition development.

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