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Multipurpose vehicle '' Multix'' for farmers

multix for farmers

Eicher Polaris Limited launched a new model namedMultix, a multi- purpose utility vehicle, keeping in view of the farmer’s family and his requirements in agriculture. Multix is equipped witha generatorand support the farmer to run his pump set when power is not available. It is a joint collaboration. West zonal head Mr. Manish Aggarwal told krishi Jagran that this vehicle is excellent for business trip having an expendable carrying space of 1918 liters. Multix can generate upto three Kilo Watt electricity by which farmer can light his home, can play music system and operate small agri machinary. Space for trade tools are also available in Multix. Additional space can be created by folding the back seat. This is one of the unique vehicle ever introduced.

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Krishi Jagran