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‘PONNEEM’ - Bio Oil Plant-Based Pesticide to Control Agricultural Pests

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

The new Bio Oil Ponneem has been developed for the control of agricultural pests, termites and mosquitoes. It is natural oil formulation, which is highly effective in comparison to the chemical pesticides. The efficacy was checked in the field in Kancheepuram, Tiruvallur and Chengalpet districts. 

It is a plant based pesticides formulated by the Research team of the Entomology Research institute (ERI), of the Loyola College to control Fall Armyworm and Cotton Bollworm in 180 major crops of Tamil Nadu. 

To avoid the blisters and wounds of the farmers due to constant use of the chemical pesticides and also to avoid the chemical residues of pesticides on the agriculture produce, the development is quite useful. 

An emulsifier has been added. It has a strong repellent activity. Due to its application the pest insects are not able to eat and lay eggs. The formulation has a detrimental effect on survivors. The insects of the next generation have wing deformities,” informed Fr Maria Packiam. The chemical pesticides had destroyed honeybees and spiders, the natural pollinators, Fr. Maria Packiam further added that the chemicals did not spare the bacteria responsible for the decomposition and human beings.

The Patent has been obtained as PONNEEM which is having Pungam and Neem Oil in equal ratios.

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