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Syngenta Launches Minecto Pro Insecticide to Control Thrips & Whitefly

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo

Thrips and Whiteflies are two pests that are difficult to control in the production of peppers and tomatoes. The two are main vectors of phytopathogenic viruses that cause huge damage in production, resulting in decreased yields.

In order to put a control these pests, Syngenta has launched Minecto Pro (cyantraniliprole 136 g/L + abamectin 29 g/L) - a new broad spectrum insecticide registered for the control of thrips and whitefly that combines 2 active ingredients with different mechanisms of action. Like this, it controls adults & nymphs just with a single application.

Minecto Pro is suggested to control Trialeurodes Vaporariorum and Bemisia Tabaci, the main species of whitefly in Argentina & Frankliniella sp., the species of thrips, which is a vector in the transference of black plague in peppers. In addition, its high level of control averts the spread of several viruses, thus protecting the quality and health of the crops.

Its method of action combining assets makes it a helpful tool when it comes to the prevention & management of possible resistances.

According to Syngenta Fruit and Vegetable Manager, Pilar Parodi, "Minecto Pro is a new technology that is becoming an important tool for the producer, especially taking into account that, until now there was a very limited palette of products registered to control the thrips in these crops in Argentina. It has a high residual power that is key to controlling these pests. "

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