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TSS’ Soil Moisture Indicator Saves Water, Current & Time

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo

Monitoring soil moisture levels is needed for effective irrigation water management. Irrigation water management requires timely application of the right amount of water. Competition for water, high pumping costs, and concerns for the environment are making good water management more important.

When you measure soil moisture, it identifies if there is a water deficiency that can reduce yields or if there is extreme water application that can cause water logging or leaching of nitrates below the root zone. Measuring soil moisture can also create an awareness and knowledge of every irrigated field that is very useful for planning and management.

Tech Source Solutions (TSS), a Bangalore based firm caters to the needs of the customer in different industries including Agriculture, Aerospace, Solar, Textile, Defense etc. The company manufactures various instruments such as soil moisture indicator (SMI), compost thermometer, Carbon di-oxide sensors and other customer centric solutions.

Features of SMI

  1. Instant indication of the soil moisture status.

  2. Indicates soil moisture level with more objectivity by different coloured LED’s.

  3. Saves water, current and time.

  4. Suitable for different types of soils.

  5. Suitable for use in nurseries, farms, potted plants and so on.

Who can use it?

  1. Farmers

  2. Field staff

  3. KVK’s

  4. Sugar Mills

  5. Agricultural Institute

How to use SMI?

You can easily use the soil moisture indicator; just follow the steps given below:

  1. Find the place/spot where you would like to check the soil moisture status.

  2. Then, place in the SMI vertically depending on the root zone of the crop. Press the switch and hold it till the Led light stops on a particular coloured Led depending on the moisture status.

  3. Refer to the table on the SMI for the status of the soil moisture depending on the LED colour.

  4. Never use the SMI soon after the irrigation. Use the instrument in soil before irrigation.

Table for reading the soil moisture status on instrument:

Colour of LED

Soil Moisture Status



Ample Moisture

No need for irrigation


Sufficient Moisture

Immediate irrigation may not be necessary


Low Moisture

Irrigation advisable


Very Low Moisture

Immediate Irrigation necessary


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