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Velum Prime for Nematodes Control

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Bayer has announced the launch of Velum™ Prime nematicide, the first non-fumigant nematicide registered for potatoes in Canada. Velum Prime is a new mode of action and chemical class (pyridinyl ethyl benzamide) for nematode protection.  It offers growers effective nematode protection that helps sustain plant vigor and maximize crop yield potential.

Recent trials of Velum Prime demonstrated consistent yield and quality increases and reduction in plant-parasitic nematodes, including root lesion, root-knot, and potato cyst nematode.“Velum Prime is another tool for use in a complete nematode management program,” says Jon Weinmaster, Crop & Campaign Marketing Manager, Horticulture & Corn at Bayer

Velum Prime is applied in-furrow at planting. It comes in a liquid formulation that offers reliable efficacy at low application rates making it ideal for use with existing in-furrow application equipment. Plus, applied in-furrow, Velum Prime offers the added benefit of early blight protection. Available in 4.04L jugs, Velum Prime is easy to apply, with minimal use restrictions, including flexible tank mix compatibility.

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