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37-Year-Old Farmer Komal Kumari Raises Fund For Son’s Higher Education With PepsiCo India’s Help

Meet a 37-year-old woman agri-preneur, Komal Kumari, who partnered with PepsiCo India in 2022, to include sustainable and scientific approaches to farming.

Aysha Anam
Agri-preneur Komal Kumari
Agri-preneur Komal Kumari

In the heart of Puthimari village in Sonitpur, nestled among the vibrant fields of Assam, lives a remarkable woman named Komal Kumari. With unwavering resolve and support from PepsiCo India, Komal has carved a path that not only redefines the role of women in farming but also highlights their potential as agri-preneurs, contributing significantly to the community's growth and prosperity.

Komal, at 37, stands as a testament to purpose-driven living. Her family, including her husband, son, and daughter, reflects her commitment to a better life for her loved ones. Her husband's unwavering support stands alongside Komal's own journey in farming, both converging into a shared vision for their family's progress. 

Komal's journey began in 2017, a time when financial constraints cast shadows over her family's aspirations. With a son aiming for a BA degree and a daughter in the midst of her education, additional income was imperative. Farming, initially undertaken out of necessity, was riddled with a lack of right farming practices, access to quality seeds, and knowledge of navigating market intricacies. However, what started as a practical solution soon evolved into a means of empowerment and self-sufficiency.

In 2022, a partnership with PepsiCo India marked a definitive turning point for Komal. This collaboration not only provided access to vital resources but also instilled a sense of agency and ambition. Through specialized training and knowledge-sharing, Komal transitioned from traditional practices to a more sustainable and scientific approach to farming. The adoption of modern techniques yielded substantial results, leading to improved yields, higher income, and, most importantly, a newfound confidence within her.

Central to this transformation was the establishment of the Jaymoti Farmer Producer Company in 2021 by the women farmers with aid from the Government of Assam. This initiative shattered long-standing gender norms and solidified women's status as agri-preneurs. With a shared purpose, the community of 435 women farmers embarked on a journey of empowerment, turning challenges into opportunities and nurturing the land with a blend of tradition and innovation.

PepsiCo India's role in the formation of the Farmer Producer Company is undeniable. Access to a large market with the certainty of assured buyback was pivotal in providing an opportunity for the women farmers to collectivise their efforts leading to aid from the Assam Government. Through its 360-degree support in collaborative farming, PepsiCo India provided not just knowledge and tools, but also the confidence and upliftment needed to foster a society's holistic development. The impact of its involvement extended beyond agriculture, empowering the community to recognize the potential within its own boundaries.

Also, crucially integral to this story is the transformation of societal dynamics, where women's empowerment and progress are not isolated pursuits, but rather collaborative endeavors. The proactive stance shown by Komal and her peers, served as an awakening for their male counterparts, mobilizing them to recognize the untapped potential of women as lead farmers. What once were traditional gender roles evolved into a symphony of mutual understanding and shared aspirations.

Komal Kumari Boro's story is more than a tale of individual triumph; it's a narrative of collective resilience and unity. Her journey stands as a beacon of hope for countless women who dare to defy conventions and embrace agri-preneurship. As the sun rises over the fields of Puthimari village, it illuminates a community that has been transformed by the vision and leadership of women who sowed the seeds of change and reaped a harvest of empowerment.

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