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70 Acres, 5 Crore Trees: This Telangana Man Has Built a Forest of his Own

A man from a small village built an entire forest on his own consisting of various species of flora and fauna.

Kritika Madhukar
Dusharla Satyanarayan With His Self-Grown Forest
Dusharla Satyanarayan With His Self-Grown Forest

In the district of Suryapet, a man turned a 70-acre land into a forest all by himself. The forest has approximately 32 different varieties of birds, animals, and about 5 crore different kinds of trees. There is no fencing and gate around the forest. The forest has seven ponds, the lotus pond being the most popular among them.

The Forest Owner: Dusharla Satyanarayan

The owner of the forest, Durshala Satyanarayan, wants to add at least 3 more ponds in his forest.

Satyanarayan has been a nature lover since his childhood days. He spent his entire life taking care of his forest in the Raghavapuram village. The owner does not intend to give away his land to his two children. He believes that the forest belongs to the animals and birds that are living in it. The land on which the forest is built has been passed from generation to generation in his family.

The forest that Satyanarayan has built has a very high market value. Even though, Satyanarayan does not even think about selling his land and believes that even money cannot buy a whole forest. He has been raising and preserving this forest for over 60 decades.

When Satyanarayan was a child, a man broke the branch of a tree to let his cattle graze upon it. Satyanarayana saw this whole incident and hit the man in order to protest against the breaking of the tree branch. The man complained to his father, to which his father said that it is his son's nature to protect nature.

Satyanarayan did his bachelor's in the field of agriculture. He later got a job in a Bank. He quit his bank job to work on water issues that have trapped the district of Nalgona. The forest that Satyanarayan created, has its eco-system. Trees are not removed, even if their branches fall off. The animals and birds residing in it help in the rejuvenation of the forest.

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