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72-Year-Old Assam Farmer Generates Huge Profits and Higher Yield With Help of PepsiCo, Here’s How

Meet 72-year-old farmer from Assam, Devi Prasad Sarma, who has found good potato seeds, minting huge profits and higher yields with the help of PepsiCo.

Aysha Anam
Devi Prasad Sarma
Devi Prasad Sarma

In the midst of the lush fields of Assam, Devi Prasad Sarma, a steadfast farmer even at 72 years of age, shares his remarkable tale of overcoming challenges. With hands that bear the marks of hard work and a heart deeply connected to the land, Devi Prasad embodies the true spirit of a farmer. His journey, marked by resilience and determination, intersects with PepsiCo India, bringing about a significant transformation that extends well beyond his fields.

A resident of No.1 Polisumoni village in Biswanath, Assam, Devi Prasad lives in his modest home surrounded by his cherished family - his wife, daughter, nephew, and sister - all united by their shared love for farming. Devi Prasad's life as a farmer spans decades, characterized by unwavering dedication, hard work, and perseverance.


The turning point came in 2019 when Devi Prasad partnered with PepsiCo, a decision that proved pivotal. However, this collaboration wasn't just a business deal; it was a lifeline, offering solutions to the challenges that had shadowed Devi Prasad's farming journey. He recalls the days before PepsiCo India when finding good potato seeds was difficult, and uncertain market conditions left farmers facing difficulties. Post-harvest, waiting for payments and dealing with high insurance costs added to the struggles. PepsiCo India emerged as a ray of hope, addressing these problems with sustainable solutions.


Devi Prasad's association with PepsiCo brought about a transformation, marked by learning, guidance, and 360-degree support. The quality of seeds improved, resulting in better harvests through sustainable farming practices. Training sessions provided technical knowledge that guided him towards higher yields and increased profits. Devi Prasad also spoke of the financial assurance this partnership has provided him with timely payments shortly after harvest. However, this transformation was not just about numbers; it led to a qualitative change, with Devi Prasad experiencing a significant shift in his daily farming practices.

The challenges of the past started to fade away as Devi Prasad embraced modern and sustainable farming techniques. Knowledge of the right package of practices of potato agronomy helped him tremendously. With new insights, he adjusted his approach, understanding the importance of proper nutrition, irrigation, and post-rain care. The expertise and support imparted by PepsiCo India agronomists, even during challenges caused due to the vagaries of climate change, became the foundation of his success, nurturing high-quality crops with a reduced impact on the environment.


Reflecting on his journey, Devi Prasad acknowledges that his life has taken a different direction since teaming up with PepsiCo India. Despite being in overwhelming debt, he chose to cultivate potatoes in an area of 30 acres with full faith in PepsiCo’s collaborative farming program. Today, he proudly shares how his decision to partner with PepsiCo helped him pay off debt of Rs 8 lakh, an achievement made possible by PepsiCo India’s partnership which includes an assured buyback and understanding of sustainable farming practices. His eyes shine with hope as he talks about the peace of mind he now enjoys, knowing that his family's future is more secure than ever.

Devi Prasad's transformation goes beyond his personal gains; it sets an example for others. He has become a source of guidance in his community, advocating for the benefits of collaboration, sustainable farming, and the positive impact of PepsiCo. His neighbours and fellow farmers look up to him, inspired by the changes they see in his life. Devi Prasad's message is clear: PepsiCo has not only changed his farming practices, but it has also improved his life overall.

Through Devi Prasad's journey, we witness the power of knowledge, partnership, and determination. His life has been reshaped, and his story is a testament to the transformative impact that collaborative farming and guided learning can bring. Devi Prasad Sarma, a symbol of change and growth, stands as living proof of the profound influence a single partnership can have on a farmer's life and the community around them.

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