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Harisharan Devgan: Largest Organic Pomegranate Producer

Organic Pomegranate have been a popular fruit throughout human history and is experiencing a surge in popularity at present due to the health benefits associated with its juice and is mostly loved for its unique “ruby-red jewel-like seeds”.

KJ Staff
Harisharan Devgan
Harisharan Devgan

Organic Pomegranate have been a popular fruit throughout human history and is experiencing a surge in popularity at present due to the health benefits associated with its juice and is mostly loved for its unique “ruby-red jewel-like seeds”.  

Mr. Harisharan Devgan started a conscientious journey of growing delicate and appetizing organic pomegranates in the year 2001. A farm cannot be cultivated or grown without a Triumphant and Stalwart farmer. Harisharan Devgan is one of the foremost cognizant agriculturists in Natural Pomegranate cultivating industry.  Both assiduous and smart works of Mr. Harisharan Devgan show the results of bringing pristine and unadulterated healthy, quality and seedy organic pomegranates.  

Growing organic pomegranates combines all the factors of organic farming including entomology and environmental science and plant pathology with the protection of fertility of soil. Niche Agriculture Limited is best at organic farming and holds Niche Farms located in the state of Andhra Pradesh at Anantapur and Tamil Nadu at Madurai. 

For the first 3 years of organic pomegranate cultivation, Mr. Harisharan Devgan did not get the desired results so he pruned the crop, but with constant hard work, determination and persistence, he grew excellently ripe and luscious organic pomegranate, each weighing more than 500 grams and win the accolade for "Organic farmer of the year". In 2014, Mr. Harisharan Devgan collaborated with major American and Canadian organic fruit super markets and exported Niche pomegranate of exceptional qualities and appetizing and mouth-watering taste. 

The research for the shelf life of Niche Organic Pomegranates comes from multiple resources, including the United States Department of Agriculture and the United States Food & Drugs Administration. In addition to this, Niche has also sourced information from many research institutions globally for food safety, storage and the shelf life of the pomegranates.  

Niche Agriculture Limited is one of the largest organic pomegranate farms in India. By applying latest farming methodologies, Niche farm is cultivating quality organic pomegranates with no preservatives and inorganic chemicals. Modern Techniques like tractor driven combiner and harvester are used to produce quality and nutritious organic pomegranates. A child will definitely grow healthier if his mother takes care of him. As a parent, Mr. Devgan, nurtures his farm as his own children, which results in nutritious, high-antioxidant organic pomegranates with chronic inflammatory conditions.  

As the leading organic pomegranate farm in India, Niche Agriculture has invested considerable resources in research and development to produce the pomegranates that are filled up with all the essential nutrients which includes fiber, protein, vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium etc. 

Niche Pomegranates have anti-inflammatory effects, their seed provides remedy to distinctive dangerous infections like heart attack, cancer, diabetes, corpulence, etc. Prostate cancer is considered the foremost common cancer but with the assistance of Niche Pomegranate seeds, the level of prostate cancer in the human body can dropdown. It moderates the cancer cell propagation in the human body and cell death in cancer cells. Niche Pomegranates are also valuable in the case of breast cancer which offers assistance to decrease the propagation of breast cancer cells indeed by killing them.  

Niche Agriculture Limited has developed exclusive organic pomegranate farms that produces nutritious and tasty pomegranate which have high-quality proteins along with sweet and delicate arils.  

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