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How YouTube Inspired This Farmer to Grow World’s Most Expensive Mangoes

As India's digitization progresses, more farmers are actively engaging with social media platforms. By understanding how platforms like YouTube and Facebook are being used, brands can deliver useful content at the right time.

Ayushi Raina

As India's digitization progresses, more and more farmers are actively engaging with various social media platforms. A study shows that though YouTube is an entertainment channel, but 44% of farmers watch videos to obtain information about their farm products. More than 50% of farmers in India use YouTube regularly to learn new things. 

Youtube is inspiring many farmers and we have one from Rajasthan who grows world’s most expensive mangoes. 

Let’s see how Youtube inspired him: 

Shree Kishan Suman from Rajasthan grows Miyazaki mangoes on his farm. These are the most expensive mangoes in the world, priced at up to Rs.2 lakhs per kilo. 

Although Alphonso mango from the Konkan region, as well as  Noorjahan mango in MP, are already getting popular on social media, there is another fruit variety making its way.

Deep inside Girdhapura, about 15 km from Kota, Shree Kishan Suman, an award-winning progressive farmer, is growing three saplings of Miyazaki mango in the desert area. Miyazaki, an exclusive mango, was recognized as the most expensive mango in the world, costing up to Rs.2.7 lakh per kg. 

The farmer says that the mango has a fiery red skin from outside and a fruit with a bright orange flesh resembling a jelly. He told that mangoes are sweet and similar to other mango varieties but are very expensive and this makes them different.

Interestingly, Miyazaki mango grown in Kyushu, Japan is derived from Irvine mangoes cultivated in Florida, USA. They came to Japan in the mid 80's to grow in a warm climate. Mangoes are known to have 15% more sugar than the corresponding mangoes. When grown under optimal weather conditions, each Miyazaki mango weighs about 350 grams and has a distinct red color. 

Shree Kishan said he discovered the mango variety on YouTube and was impressed. He discussed his findings with his friends to deepen his understanding of the commercial value of this fruit and its viability in the climatic conditions of India. He added that "I thought about getting saplings and making money from exotic varieties. In 2018, my friend gave me three saplings he got from Thailand."  

Risk and experiments can work 

The farmer since then has been tending to the saplings with sufficient nourishment & keeping them healthy. When the plants grow four-feet tall and begins bearing fruits, he posted their pictures on social media that attracted massive attention.

He said “In the international market, this fruit can cost from Rs. 21000- 2lakh per kg. The trees are still bearing fruit and I still haven't started selling them.” He admits that he has no intention of selling it commercially at this time and wants to share it with my family and friends instead. 

Shree Kishan says farmers should get engaged in horticulture adding that “Many farmers fear the market is not stable so they won’t get good income. But one solution to this is to process the fruit and sell it for better value. It also creates jobs and guarantees a stable income throughout the year.” 

Another Miyazaki Mango Farmer 

Sankalp Singh Parihar, another mango grower and Miyazaki variety grower in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh said, “I started cultivating them in 2016 and have already started to bear fruit. The highest quotation I received was of 21,000 rupees per kilogram, but I have not made commercial sales yet." Sankalp obtained his sapling from a person during a trip and has since realized the unique value of this fruit variety. 

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