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Lockdown has Turned This Actor into a farmer; Read His Interesting Story Inside

Aiswarya R Nair
Aiswarya R Nair

Malayalees have seen many cow sheds. But it is unlikely that Malayalees have seen such a high tech barn. Mollywood Actor Jojo George has set up a high-tech barn during this lockdown. The actor has changed the bottom line with stables and agriculture.

Joju George has made a comeback with M Padmakumar's Joseph. The film received critical acclaim and Joju won National as well as State Awards. Joju was at an Ayurvedic treatment centre in Wayanad when all the players were at home as it was lockdown.

Lock-down came as a challenge when Jojo decided to go back, realizing that the rules and methods of treatment could not be adapted. He had no choice but to stay there later. As a result of his stay there, he lost 20 kg, changed all his thoughts and actions and descended the pass from Wayanad as a new man. He is now open-minded about his life.

The actor now has a home garden growing several veggies. He also started a cattle farm that includes two cows, one goat, chicken, and fishes. The actor says that it is scriptwriter Sajeev Pazhoor and the home garden that influenced him to set up the farm.

Jojo's words:

"This is my vegetable Garden

By March; after lockdown, I started this wonderful idea. Now I am at Ayurveda yoga villa Wayanad. Dr Vipin suggested this idea for me. He changed my life Style. Thank you, Dr Vipin, I reduced 20 kg “

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