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Farmers in Punjab Dump Vegetables after Losses due to Covid Lockdown

Punjabi vegetable farmers are in a lot of trouble as a result of a Covid-induced lockout.

Chintu Das
Vegetables Dumped
Vegetables Dumped

Punjabi vegetable farmers are in a lot of trouble as a result of a Covid-induced lockout. Capsicum was grown on 800 acres by farmers in Bhainibagha village in Mansa district, but they were unable to sell it. As a result of the lack of visits from traders from other nations, their produce has begun to rot.

Many farmers have no choice but to dump their ruined produce in fields or on roads because they have no other alternative. Farmers Naib Singh and Satnam Singh claim they planted capsicum this year but have been unable to market it, causing the crop to rot.

Capsicum is exported from Punjab to Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Jammu and Kashmir, and other states. However, due to the implementation of a lockout, traders from those states were unable to visit Punjab this season, they said.

They suggested that the Punjab government encourage traders from other states to visit their farms so that their produce is not harmed. Farmers had to suffer losses of about Rs 1 lakh per acre also last year. They claim that the government should assist them this year and losing money for the second year in a row will be incredibly difficult for them.

“If the situation does not change, farmers can not diversify their crops. Another farmer, Gurmeet Singh, said, "It's past time for the government to support farmers." Traders should be permitted to visit capsicum farmers, according to Mohinder Singh Bhainibagha, district general secretary of the BKU (Dakonda), otherwise they would spill their produce outside the Deputy Commissioner's office.

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