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Meet the Most Impactful Agri-Creator of India

From Fields to Fame: Exclusive insights from Agripreneur Lakshay Dabas on farm wisdom, content creation, and the path to success.

Mrini Devnani
Lakshay Dabas (Photo Source: LinkedIn)
Lakshay Dabas (Photo Source: LinkedIn)

Lakshay Dabas’ life is all about bountiful barns with burgeoning beauty. His venture, Organic Acre, strives to make organic foods a top pick for consumers. The brush with farming for Dabas happened in 2016 when he began working towards it under the tutelage of his farmer-father. Soon enough, on his family-owned land, he began to develop effective, scientific techniques of farming. Today, this progressive farmer makes 7-8 crores annually and his company is among the leading players in India. Moreover, recently he bagged the honor of the ‘Most Impactful Agri-Creator’ by none other than Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a recent award ceremony.

A Day in His Life

Interestingly, Dabas spends much part of the day training students and farmers. An ideal day in his life includes waking up at 5 am, meditating, and scouting around the farm. Besides, he is working on an app for the benefit of farmers to refine and present the data to them based on the agricultural sector. 

The grit, determination, and passion for farming of Dabas are unmatched. Most of his methods rely on chemical-free techniques and other organic essentials to keep the plants healthy. Over the years, he has been quick to adapt to innovations and techniques to upscale his produce. Experimentation with jeevamrit and neem astra have been his go-to methods for crop care.

Against the Odds

What looks promising now was not always the case for Dabas. He did have his share of ups and downs along the agricultural journey. Some challenges involved the unavailability of correct practices and data for his chosen farming practice. “Proving the authenticity of products in the market was also a big challenge for me since there are very many fake options available,” he says. However, Dabas is one to turn challenges into opportunities for growth. At present, he is producing herbal plants as well as a variety of vegetables and fruits on his farm.

Spreading Awareness and More  

Dabas maintains that a lack of awareness regarding natural ways of farming is prevalent in the country. Hence, his informative and catchy videos on YouTube are making strides. In due time, he has been able to garner the well-deserved attention of many related to the agricultural field. Dabas has also been instrumental in delivering online and offline training to one and all. “My channel came into being based on the queries people asked me about organic methods of farming,” he says.  

In addition, this agripreneur is working towards strengthening soil capacity by incorporating regenerative farming practices. “We cater to the problem of pests from its roots. Moreover, educating one and all regarding the correct farming practices is the need for the hour.”

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