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Meet This Housewife who earns a High Sustainable Income through Homemade Fruits and their Byproducts

Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan
Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan

Sereena earns good money by selling fruits and also their by-products. She is very cool and very enterprising and marketing. Sereena is a fruit entrepreneur based in Kottayam with a degree in home science and runs an online store for her value-based product. Home-grown pineapple, papaya, jati and mangosteen are all being turned into value-added products in this way. Quality is what drives the top acceptance of a wide variety of products says Sereena when quizzed about her products. 

For the past four or five years, she has been making a variety of food items using fruits and pineapples. Her quality is top notch and she maintains the quality of her products and earns good sales and thereby earns a considerably good income. Since the crop is grown without the use of any fertilizers, its products are of the same quality. She makes delicious squash, pickles, candies, fried coconut oil, jars, curry powder cakes, puddings and more.She also buys her fruits from her friends who are organically growing the fruits thereby making them  a part of her journey.The main reason for Serena's confidence is that she has studied home science. The problem for many who reach out to this area is finding a market. But Serena found her own market. Listen to what it has to say.Most marketing is done through friends. It is also the largest online marketplace today and sells all over Kerala and some parts of India. The products are delivered by courier. There is a large rush of people who are   interested in her products. The product is also in demand by organic shops in Thiruvananthapuram, Kozhikode, Ernakulam and Kottayam and is delivered to them. The products are sold under the brand name "Exotic". And when we spend all our time and effort on it, we should definitely get better financially also and   it's as simple as that says Sereena. 

Passion fruit squash is the one in high demand. People will ask for it considering its medicinal value. There is also a good demand for virgin coconut oil. Doctors recommend virgin for the newborns and and hence the demand she reiterates. In addition, a mixture of ginger is made and marketed. There is a ready-to-use mix that can be used to make whipped curry. 

This is a job that requires time and effort. She is happy when buyers ask again and again. That is the motivation to continue this profession. Because there hasn’t  been any additives or preservatives used all the products should be stored in the fridge as soon as they are received. It's not a white - collar job that many people are interested in. Also, it is not known whether there will be any financial gain. Is there a lack of decency in the society for these jobs that the younger generation has not fully come forward to make and market such products, asks Sereena. This work gives me a good financial security and she does not waste time being engaged all the time is a big deal. Develop the little skills we know will go a long way and women can never be exploited in any way. 

Story credit - Krishi Jagran Malayalam

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