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The Journey of – “A Yeoman to a Successful Farmer with Jain Irrigation”

Bhopal Singh, an Amazing and Passionate farmer from the Hills of Himachal, who had a simple thought of living his ordinary life in an extraordinary way!

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Bhopal Singh In The Field
Bhopal Singh In The Field

Bhopal Singh, an Amazing and Passionate farmer from the Hills of Himachal, who had a simple thought of living his ordinary life in an extraordinary way! 

With a small farm inherited from his ancestors and only his wife as a helping hand, they dreamt of providing their kids with the best. But unfortunately, as time passed, even fulfilling the basic needs of family-like buying clothes and shoes was a task for him.

He even started to hide from society and gatherings since his hard work towards his farm was not paying off. The thought of not being able to educate his children and fulfill basic family needs, kept him desponded for long. 

In the year 2015, the month of January, on the national channel Doordarshan, the program regarding the Prime Minister's Rural Irrigation Scheme was a ray of hope for him. Now in his mind, along with saving the farm, there was also a hope of educating his children and providing the family with the best.  

With hope in his heart and the worries in mind, he went to the officer of the horticulture department, Dr. Pradeep Kumar Himral, who not only just guided him and also was with him at every stage to provide him with the best possible information about how he can strengthen his economy by doing advanced agriculture through Pradhan Mantri Krishi Irrigation Scheme. 

And With “Jain Irrigation System Ltd” widespread network of Agronomists, he ended up getting the best advice from them about what best suits for better yield considering all factors and Bhopal Singh landed on using Jain Irrigation Products and Services – “Micro Sprinklers” as an Advanced Farming Technique “Sinchaee Technique” in Bhopal’s words, for his farm.

dr pradeep
Bhopal with Dr. Pradeep Kumar Himral

And from 2015 he started using the “Jain Irrigation’s Micro Sprinklers” in his farm, and his exact words todayare –  “Hamara Jeevan hi badal gaya, Bahut jyada Kranti aayi hai jabse Jain Irrigation ki Sinchaee technique lagaya hoonmai aur mera sara parivaar bahut jyada Khush hai fasal se”  

“Our lives have changed drastically after installing the Jain Irrigation’s Micro Sprinklers Technique, Me and my Family are very Thankful to Jain Irrigation for this Technology for greater Yields with best results” 

Bhopal Singh produces Vegetables like Cauliflower, Cabbage, French Beans, Broccoli, Tomato, Capsicum, Potato and Onion in his farm with the advance “Jain Irrigation’s Micro Sprinkler Techniques” and is very satisfied with his “Fasal”

Bhopal Singh's wife in the field
Bhopal Singh's wife in the field

He also added, the produce on his farm has increased 3 times and so has the income too. He also suggested his farmer friends about his miraculous experience and how they should imply the same Jain Irrigation’s –Micro Sprinklers and other Products for better yield and income. And YES it worked for them too, amazing results were experienced - within 6 months the yield and income both got doubled (Even more in some cases).

He shared, Earlier the Half Hector field took 5/6 days to irrigate but now it takes 4 hours to irrigate the field, because of which there is a huge saving on Water and Time. And he is glad that with this “Saved Time” Bhopal Singh now with farming has also diversified himself into animal husbandry and started his own DAIRY. 

Today, with success in knocking on his doors, he has given life to his dreams, and most importantly all his three children are well literate – Two daughters who have successfully completed their MSc from the Government University of Shimla and One Son who has completed his BA.

Bhopal even owns an “SUV” which he very happily mentioned with an added proudness in his voice.  He also specifically mentioned that this would have been impossible for him without the support of his wife who supported and stood with him in every phase of life! 

 “Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd” is very proud that our Mission-  “Leave the World better than you Found It” is giving justice in the real World Perpetually. 

Most Prominently, Jain Irrigation is delighted that with the widespread network even in remote and rural areas are a reason for bringing Innovations, Advancements and Happiness in Farmers Lives with our Products and Services.  It’s a pleasure for Jain Irrigation to be a part of such beautiful contribution towards the transforming face of Farming! 

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