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Weather Update: Monsoon Withdraws from Delhi, Pune Faces Moderate Rainfall

A new monsoon system is set to impact Jabalpur, Rewa, and Shahdol divisions of Madhya Pradesh in the first week of October. Light rain is expected in these districts starting from Saturday.

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Latest Weather Update
Monsoon Withdraws from Delhi, Pune Faces Moderate Rainfall

In recent weather updates provided by the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) Pune, it has been reported that strong westerly winds are currently making their way into the southern regions of Maharashtra, including south and central Konkan & Goa, as well as the southern part of Madhya Maharashtra.

These winds are bringing with them ample moisture, resulting in cloudy skies over Pune, interspersed with periods of sunshine. The consequence of this weather pattern is the development of local instability, leading to the formation of cumulonimbus clouds in the afternoon or evening, which in turn, triggers moderate rain accompanied by thunder or lightning.

Pune is not the only region experiencing this weather phenomenon; it signifies the commencement of ‘Particha Paus,’ marking the withdrawal phase of the monsoon. Following this, the monsoon is expected to recede, with the withdrawal likely to commence from northern parts of Maharashtra in early October.

IMD Pune recorded the highest rainfall of 61.0 mm at the NDA area in Pune. IMD noticed that despite the cloud cover, there had been a significant reduction in rainfall in Pune city.

Meanwhile, in the national capital, Delhi, and the surrounding National Capital Region (NCR), the monsoon season has delivered a decent performance overall. Statistics indicate that Delhi has experienced normal rainfall this season. The southwest monsoon bid farewell to Delhi on a date that coincided with the country's last day of the monsoon's departure.

However, the month of September witnessed a rainfall deficit. Nevertheless, Delhi enjoyed consistent rainfall throughout the monsoon season. The Safdarjung Observatory recorded 660.8 mm of rainfall, slightly above the normal rainfall of 640.4 mm between June 1 and September 30th. This variation was marked by surplus rainfall in June and July, while August and September saw a deficiency.

For Delhi as a whole, the total rainfall amounted to 542.2 mm, compared to the normal of 544.3 mm. As the monsoon has now withdrawn, dry weather conditions are anticipated, with no rain in the immediate forecast. In the coming days, residents can expect cooler mornings and evenings, although daytime temperatures will remain warm.

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