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Roles and Responsibilities of India Meteorological Department

Shikha Parewa
Shikha Parewa
Metrological Department
Metrological Department

Indian Meteorological Department is the national meteorological service of the Indian government. It was formed in 1875 and it’s headquarter is in New Delhi. IMD deals with everything related to meteorology, seismology and associated subjects. Moreover, the Ministry of Earth Science is the department who supervises the administrative responsibilities. The IMD is headed by the Director General of Meteorology, Dr. Mrutynjay Mohaptra. And it is one of the six Regional Specialized Meteorological Centres of the World Meteorological Organization. 

Important functions of IMD

Forecasting related information:  

IMD keeps an eye on meteorological conditions and forecasts related information of weather which is important in regards of aviation, agriculture, shipping, offshore oil exploration, irrigation etc.  

Giving warnings of unfavorable weather conditions: 

Tropical cyclones, heat waves, cold waves, heavy rains, dust storms etc are such weather conditions that can be very detrimental. IMD warns against these severe weather phenomena. 

Provides statistical information: 

IMD provides statistics to industries, agriculture, water resources management, oil exploration etc. These statistics helps them to work more strategically.  

Engaging in researches: 

IMD also keeps itself engaged in researches in meteorology and related subjects. 

Detecting Earthquakes: 

IMD also detects earthquakes and its location. It evaluates seismicity in different parts of the country for developmental projects. 

Relation between Indian Meteorological Department and Agriculture 

IMD gives direct services to the farming community. The Division of Agricultural Meteorology was established in the year 1932.  The main motive of this division is to support agriculturists and planners by providing them information related to weather conditions so that they can make strategies of day-to-day agricultural operations, crop-yield forecast based on meteorological data.  

This division provides information related to monsoon so that farmers can commence the procedure of sowing and can plan other activities related to farming. 

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