Krishe Nidaan is an agriculture app that allows users to manage their crops from anywhere.

Krishe Nidaan is an agriculture app that allows users to manage their crops from anywhere. The app provides information on how much produce they have, when they should plant and the best time to harvest. It also has a feature that allows users to track their crops remotely.

In India, there is a wide range of crop diseases. These include diseases like aphids, rusts, leaf spot and other fungal diseases. These are caused by insects and pests.

The main cause of loss due to these diseases is the lack of proper management of the crops. This can be prevented through proper application of pesticides and other measures like crop rotation etc.

Many crop diseases; pests can be detected at the early stages of growth, allowing time to effectively apply an appropriate fungicide. (It is necessary to separately identify disease from pest of plant)

Know more about this App

This is a pest management and plant fungus detection app that uses the camera on your phone to detect the presence of pests. A pest control and fungus detection app is easy to use; it will boost your crop growth.

It is available in the following languages:

  • -English-Hindi-Marathi-Gujarati-Tamil-Telugu-Kannada-Punjabi-Bengali

Crop information available on this app:

  • Banana, Brinjal, Chilli, Cotton, Ginger, Gram, Grapes, Groundnut, Maize, Mustard, Onion, Okra, Rice, Papaya, Pomegranate, Potato, Red gram, Soybean, Sugarcane, Tomato, Wheat

This app will assess the problem affecting your crop. It does this by analyzing the area, reasons, history and other factors and provides you with a solution to get it under control.

This app will tell you if a crop is growing poorly and why. With just a few pictures of the plant, you can find out what nutrients are missing or whether the plant has been infected by pests or disease.

Our main objective

Krishe Nidaan is supported by Mahindra & Mahindra Group, which aims to empower Indian farmers by helping with farming-related issues relating to pest diagnosis, pest management, pest control and disease identification.

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