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Agriculture Equipment Worth Rs 1.98 Crore Distributed to Small & Marginal Farmers

Agriculture machinery is very core to obtaining a healthy yield. Tamil Nadu Government understands this and therefore distributed Agri culture machinery the needy farmers.

Sugandh Bhatnagar
Tractor in the field
Tractor in the field

At an event hosted by the Regional Agriculture Department on Sunday (20 March 2022), Tamil Nadu Tourism Minister Dr M Mathiventhan handed over agricultural goods and equipment worth Rs 1.98 crore to farmers in the district.

The minister told the crowd that the department of agricultural and farmers' welfare had identified small and medium farmers in the district who would benefit from modern machinery to increase crop yield. "This will help farmers save money while still getting the best outcomes."

The farmers' organizations, according to the minister, were founded with the goal of bringing about improvements in the agricultural sector. There are 1,460 farmer's groups in the district, with 33 new ones created this year. "Each group would receive 5 lakh, and the farmers will be able to purchase the most up-to-date machinery and equipment."

The minister handed over 285 types of machinery and equipment to the newly-formed 33 farmers’ groups on the day in the presence of district collector Shreya P Singh.

Mathiventhan also used the occasion to hand over a cheque for 25 lakh to the family of Mahaboob Basha, a driver with the revenue department who died of Covid-19 recently. He also handed over a cheque for 1 lakh to the family of V Manikandan, who drowned in Parali village.

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