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Agriculture in 2020- The Dream of Farmers

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

Odisha based Government College of Engineering, Keonjhar, Department of Electrical Engineering, scientists Debasis Mishra and Kajal Panda have highlighted one of the significant uses of IoT is smart agriculture. Real task of smart agriculture is to cultivate & convey it to the end customers with the most ideal cost and quality. The quality of the crop essentially depends upon the factors like soil moisture, adequate temperature & the presence of desired chemicals within the soil. This paper fundamentally manages the convergence of agriculture with the IoT by utilizing different sensors with the end goal to check the diverse parameters that deals with viable production of crops, prompting automation of water supply to the fields and to check the continuous environmental temperature, humidity & moisture substance of the soil which additionally encourages us to productively use electric power, water and to decide the measure of different chemicals required for the soil like (N,P,K).

A sensor-based framework is produced to screen the field. The states of the field can be seen by the farmers from anyplace with the combination of IoT. The farms can use this data to rapidly investigate the information, for example, climate administrations, to enhance basic requirements for their crop. The harvest must be provided water in legitimate amount. A lot of water can choke out the plant roots and too little will be unable to support the plants. Recognizing the right yield water necessity is basic. Field information assembled from sensors can accomplish an abnormal state of precision in the count of water necessity. The global population is set to contact 9.6 billion by 2050. In this way, to sustain this much population, the cultivation technique should be managed by IoT in opposition to the demanding situations, for example, outrageous weather situations and rising environmental changes, and environmental impact coming about because of extreme cultivating practices, the interest for greater sustenance need to be met. All around arranged water system is extremely basic for getting ideal product yields.

One of the greatest issues confronting the agricultural sector in India is low yield - country's homestead yield is 30- 50% lower than that of developed nations. Normal farm size, poor framework, low utilization of homestead advancements is a portion of the variables that makes the agricultural sector undeveloped other than this the significant test of agriculture is power and water supplies.

A relay module is also connected with Arduino module to operate the night lamp depicting the pump. When the primary data from the sensors gets matched by the threshold data the system is healthy depicting the lamp in off state. But when the primary data is doesn’t meet the threshold the lamp glows on showing that the pump set is on and the water is supplied to the fields. The data from the sensors are stored in the local server (xampp)  in order to monitor the condition of the fields. The data from the sensors can also be stored over the cloud enabling a more flexibility and making the system more reliable such as remote monitoring and control of the system. The issues of overabundance water application, ill-advised use of chemical fertilizers can be eluded from to constrain water use and get ideal yield.

IOT not just checks the normal water requirements for the harvest yet in addition checks the ideal usage of energy required for the supply of water from pumps thus helping the farmers in enhancing the production of crops in a more efficient way. In the upcoming days this idea can be additionally incorporated to build up a successful weed management system in the crops by utilizing image processing and IOT based sensor techniques besides this can be reached out to real-time crop monitoring and automation of chemical fertilizers supply to the fields.

For further details one can See discussions, stats, and author profiles for this publication at: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/329701062

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