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Coronavirus Pandemic: Best Way to Clean Fruits and Vegetables before Eating

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo

At present, India is under lockdown due to growing cases of Coronavirus pandemic all across the world. In order to control this pandemic, the government had imposed 21-day lockdown, which is likely to be extended further. There is a fear that this epidemic or virus can spread by food items, fruits and vegetables brought from the market. However, experts from all over the world are claiming that there is no fear of spreading coronavirus from essential commodities. Still as the problem is quite serious, we need to use all the things brought from market very carefully. Hence keeping the current situation in mind, this article will give you some tips for cleaning fruits and vegetables.

How to wash fruits and vegetables

These days many people are washing fruits and vegetables with chemicals like chlorine, disinfectant, alcohol, due to the fear of coronavirus. Some people are also using soap and detergent water to clean veggies. Let me tell you that this method of washing fruits and vegetables is completely wrong and unsafe. Hence if you are doing this, then stop it or else you will be responsible for your health damage.


The correct way to Clean fruits and vegetables

  • Wash fruits and vegetables with water thoroughly before cutting. Anyway, washing veggies after cutting reduces its nutritional value.

  • The best way is to take water in a big pot, add a little salt or baking soda to it. After this, dip fruits and vegetables for some time.

  • After this, wash fruits-vegetables one by one under fresh water.

  • If you want to use peel of fruits or vegetables then wash them more carefully with salt water.

Useful kitchen tips

  • Wash the packets of milk brought from outside with clean water before using it.

  • Do not tear any pouch or packet with your teeth, use knife or scissor.

  • If you are making meat and fish at home, then cook it well on high heat.

  • Keep cooked and raw foods in the refrigerator separately.

  • Do not consume fruits or vegetables with peel at this time.

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