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Current Agricultural Market is offering more and more possibilities for entrepreneurs

There are numerous options for students as entrepreneurship prospects in the agriculture sector develop.

Chintu Das
Modern Agriculture
Modern Agriculture

Agriculture now accounts for 19.9% of the gross domestic product (GDP), up from 17.8% in 2019-20, according to the Economic Survey 2020-2021. This is good news not only for India's more than 150 million farmers, but also for industries that depend on a healthy harvest to stay afloat.

Get to know the field

With the rise of agri-entrepreneurship, it's a good idea to investigate the different options available in this area. Soil science, agricultural chemistry, seed technology, and other topics are included in short-term certificate classes, diplomas, and degrees in agriculture and agricultural engineering.

Postgraduate degrees and academic opportunities are also open for those with a deeper understanding. All of this, though, is based on having learned Science in class XII (a mixture of physics, chemistry, biology, and math). That isn't to say that students with a Humanities or Commerce experience can't become farmers.

Humanities students can use their soft skills and knowledge of social complexities to run their companies, while the latter can play a critical role in the management of an agribusiness. Furthermore, they can still develop their skills by selecting from a variety of approved online courses.

Competitive advantage

With the introduction of new ideas such as "precision agriculture," "farm to fork," and "farming as a business," technology has become increasingly important in this field. Entrepreneurs can gain a strategic advantage quicker by studying agriculture or a niche domain within it.

Farmers can benefit greatly from being a member of the agri-value chain, as it provides them with greater access to high-quality crops, a variety of irrigation systems, fertilisers, and farm tools and equipment, to name a few. In India's agribusiness industry, there are already a lot of competitors, and their numbers are growing.

According to a NASSCOM survey, the country has over 450 agriculture-related start-ups that have received approximately $248 million in funding as of June 2019.

Knowing the industry well would also not only assist entrepreneurs in designing a business plan that is both practical and appealing to their interests, but will also assist them in negotiating with fund managers by providing expertise and technical experience.  

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