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Get 90 percent Subsidy on Irrigation System, Know How?

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo
Micro irrigation

Micro irrigation is the most advanced method of irrigation. Through this method water is irrigated through sprinklers, drippers, foggers and by other emitters on the surface or subsurface of the land. It is important to mention that drip irrigation system has lots of advantages over the conventional irrigation methods - water saving & higher yield, high quality & increased fruit size, is suitable for all types of soil, easy method of fertigation & chemigation and saves in labour & field preparation cost.

In the year 2015-16, the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana was launched by the Government of India to increase this irrigation system rapidly. Let me tell you that in Bihar, this irrigation method is being adopted in only 0.5 percent of the area. Agriculture Road Map 2017-22 aims to extend this irrigation method to at least 2 percent of the total cultivated area. The government and agriculture department believes that doing so will increase the production of vegetables as well as fruits in the state. Through this scheme, there is a provision to provide 90 percent subsidy under drip irrigation and 75 percent subsidy under sprinkler to all categories of farmers by providing additional top-up by the state government.

irrigation system

Eligibility and condition to avail benefit of Krishi Sinchai Yojana

  • The farmer must have his own land or lease land of 7 years.

  • It is necessary to have L.P.C in you have your own land.

  • If it is a leased land, then it is necessary to have an affidavit taken in front of the first class magistrate on the 7-year registered lease / stamp paper of Rs.1000.

  • At least 0.5 acre area for drip irrigation and maximum 12.5 acre acreage and at least 1 acre maximum can be availed for sprinkler irrigation.

  • Farmers who have already taken benefit of this scheme can get the benefit again after 7 years.

  • The farmer must be registered with the DBT portal of the state.

  • Small farmers can take advantage of the scheme in groups.

  • To take advantage of the scheme personally, it is necessary to have own water source.

  • If the farmer wants to take the benefit of the subsidy in his bank account, then his bank account must be linked to Aadhaar.

  • The application will be accepted online on first come first serve basis.

How to apply for Krishi Sichai Yojana

Farmers who are interested to apply for this scheme must click the link given below to apply;

PM Krishi Sichai Yojana online

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