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Good News! Govt Announces 50% Grant on Certified Wheat Seeds; Know How to Avail the Benefits

Pronami Chetia
Pronami Chetia

Sowing of Rabi crops is going on with full swing across the country. Along with this, the government has recently announced a good news for the farmers. According to reports, the state government of Rajasthan has decided to provide certified seeds to the farmers of the state at a 50 percent discount from the prescribed rate. For this, preparations have been started to sell wheat seeds to reach upto rural service cooperative societies.

As per sources, about 250 quintal seeds have been allocated in Sikrai tehsil. Out of this, about 90 quintal of wheat has also been distributed.

Proper sowing of wheat

Wheat is mainly cultivated during the Rabi season. It should be sown from the first week of November to the third week. But farmers have to pay from Rs 30 to 40 for the seeds in the market. In such a situation, the Agriculture Department is providing certified seeds of Rajasthan State Seeds Corporation and National Seed Corporation at a 50 percent discount in just 17 rupees forts.

40 kg bag for Rs 680 

The National Agriculture Development Scheme is being run by the Department of Agriculture. Under this, farmers will be provided 40 kg bags for wheat seeds at the rate of 17 rupees per kg for 680 rupees. For this, farmers have to submit the latest Jamabandi and Aadhar card. After this, agricultural supervisors will have to get permits from the land and get seeds from cooperative societies.

According to reports, the Agriculture Department has allocated less subsidized seed of wheat in Sikkarai block than the last year. Due to this, more farmers will not be able to get the benefit of certified wheat seeds at 50 percent discount. As per sources, about 700 quintal seeds were allocated last year while this time only 250 quintal seeds are being allocated.

Farmers Can Use These Late-Sown Wheat Varieties to Obtain High Yields


This variety is developed by the Indian Institute of Wheat and Barley Research, Gives highest yield within a period of 120 days & is also disease-resistant.

Narendra Wheat L076

It has been prepared for delayed sowing in irrigated places.

It is prepared after about 100 to 115 days of sowing.

Sonali HP L633

It has been prepared for delayed sowing in irrigated places.

The length of this variety of wheat is around 4 feet.

UP 2425

This variety of wheat is grown more in Uttar Pradesh.

It has been prepared for delayed sowing in irrigated places.

The seeds of this variety are prepared after 126 to 134 days of sowing.

HD – 2888

It has been prepared for late growing in non-irrigated places.

120 to 130 days after transplanting seeds of this variety is ready for harvesting.

Its length is around three feet.

VL Gahun 892

This variety has been approved for limited irrigation in lower and intermediate areas.

This medium high altitude variety is cooked in 140-145 days.

HS 490

This medium height variety has been approved for limited irrigation in the lower intermediate mountain areas. Its grains are thick white sarbati and semi hard.

Him/ Snow Palam Wheat 3

This new variety of high yielding wheat is resistant to yellow and brown rust Pejarium headlight.

This variety has been found suitable for backward sowing in rainy conditions in the lower mountainous lowlands of Himachal Pradesh.

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