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Government Launches Krishi Udan Scheme For Perishable Food Transportation

Shikha Parewa
Shikha Parewa
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The government has started the Krishi Udan scheme, which will transport perishable food from north-eastern states, hilly states, and tribal areas. 

Jyotiraditya Scindia, Minister of Civil Aviation, said at the inauguration of the scheme that it will address the long-standing problem of agricultural produce wastage. 

Domestic carriers would receive a total waiver of landing, parking, landing charges, and route navigation facility charges under the scheme, according to the Ministry of Civil Aviation. 

It plans to build food-carrying ports at Leh, Srinagar, Nagpur, Nashik, Ranchi Bagdogra, Raipur, and Guwahati. In addition, the government has identified 53 airports that would be covered by the scheme, the majority of which will be handled by the Airports Authority of India (AAI). 

Scindia stated that under the scheme for carriage of perishable food goods, eight local and international trade lines will be launched, including Amritsar-Dubai for baby corn, Darbhanga, and the rest of India for lychees, and Sikkim and the rest of India for organic vegetables. 

What are the Perishable Agricultural Products? 

Fruits and vegetables, dairy, fish, and meat products all have a limited shelf life following harvest or manufacturing. The time it takes for them to become unmarketable or inedible is determined by the food product itself as well as a number of environmental conditions. 

Problems related to Perishable Crops in India

Post-harvest losses cost Indian farmers Rs.92,651 crore per year, with poor storage and transportation facilities being the leading causes. Surprisingly, according to the high-level Dalwai committee study, an investment of Rs.89,375 crore—a number marginally lower than yearly post-harvest losses—is all that is required to repair the state of the food crop storage and transportation facilities. 

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