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How a Nashik Brand is Driving Green Revolution of its Own

Nearly 20 years ago, a gold medalist with a master's degree in agriculture engineering was trying to keep his little grape vineyard viable with the help of his five relatives.

Shivam Dwivedi
Black Grapes on the branch of tree
Black Grapes on the branch of tree

Nearly 20 years ago, a gold medalist with a master's degree in agriculture engineering was trying to keep his little grape vineyard viable with the help of his five relatives. Today, Vilas Shinde's Sahyadri Farms in Nashik, Maharashtra, represents one of the country's biggest agricultural success stories.

Complete Story: 

Over 13,500 farmers holding over 28,000 acres work together at Sahyadri Farms to produce over 1,000 tonnes of fruits and vegetables per day. Sahyadri has grown to become the country's largest farmer-producer company (FPC) and a role model for others, as well as the country's top grape exporter, with revenue of Rs 525 crore. The FPC is expanding its retail base across the state and, through its e-commerce platform, is establishing a pan-India presence. 

Vilas Shinde, the Founder & Chairman of Sahyadri Farms, claims to be following the Amul model in the production of vegetables and fruits. "In 2011, Sahyadri began its journey as a farmer producer firm with only 101 farmers." Sahyadri Farms now has a total of 25 FPCs under its umbrella. I used what I had learned as an individual farmer and chose to bring together like-minded farmers to solve our difficulties as a unified unit. "We realized we could accomplish this in fruits and vegetables because of Amul's success in milk," he says. 

This farm is the country's second-largest tomato producer, purchasing, and processing firm. Approximately 60% of Sahyadri Farms' fruits and vegetables are exported, with the remaining 40% sold in India. "We export to 42 nations, including Russia, the United States, and a number of European countries," he explains. 

During the lockout, the FPC took use of the chance to reach out to consumers directly by distributing produce to housing societies, with approximately 38,000 home deliveries per month. Sahyadri Farms, the company's Rs 300-crore fruit processing plant, now produces a variety of value-added vegetables and fruits such as pulps, dices, fruit juices, slices, ketchups, frozen vegetables, and fruits jams, in addition to producing fruits and vegetables. 

The company has also established a retail presence in Mumbai, Pune, and Nashik, with 13 outlets selling its products. Customers in these cities can also use the e-commerce platform to purchase products. In addition, retail and wholesale fruit purchasers can use the 'Sahyadriyan' app to order items from 49 Sahyadri Farms distribution centers in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Gujarat. Currently, more than 50 tonnes of fruits is delivered every day.  

Sahyadri Farms plans to increase its presence in the north and east India this year. In three years, the goal is to supply 500 tonnes per day and establish a pan-India presence. Shinde claims that the corporation will spend Rs 200 crore to improve its supply chain and backend processes. "Like Amul, we will grow our brand both domestically and internationally," he says. 

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