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Top 5 Varieties of Grapes in India

Grapes are well known to everybody and are one of the most cultivated fruits of our country. They have great health benefits due to the presence of many vitamins. Out of all the varieties available in India, The top 5 are Sultana, Anab-e-Shahi, Dilkhush, Sharad Seedless and Perlette.

Chintu Das
Fresh Grapes

Nobody needs an introduction to grapes; locally known as “angoor” in our country. Grapes are delicious berries with a sweet favor that grows in the woody vines. Grapes are available in many colors such as black, white, red, blue etc. Grapes are a great source of many nutrients and are very beneficial for you.

Fast Facts about grapes: 

- Grapes are naturally classified as berries. 

- More than 50 species and over 7500 varieties of grapes are grown in the world 

- The plant’s length can reach over 45 feet. One plant at most can deliver around 35 - 40 bunches of grapes. 

- Leaves are enormous, green and halfway lobed.  

- Grapes contain water for the most part and are low in calories. 

- Grapes are beneficial in healing problems related to asthma, digestion, kidney disorders etc. 

- Eating grape seeds is very good for your health because of the high concentration of antioxidants in it. 

- Grapes are a great supplier of several vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Iron etc.   

Top Grape Varieties in India

There are lots of varieties of grapes in India, however let’s talk about the top 5 of the list. 

- Sultana 

Sultana is commonly known as “Thompson Seedless” in the United States. This variety is also available in several countries other than the US such as Iraq, Iran, Turkey etc. It is believed that the Sultana variety originated from Asia Minor. These grapes are light green with an oval shape and hold a special place in the Indian markets. The raisins processed from these grapes are high in sugar and are generally consumed as a snack in our country. The cultivation of this variety is mostly done in the northern part of India. 

- Anab-e-Shahi 

Anab-e-Shahi was introduced by Abdul Baquer Khan in the early 1900’s. Initially grown in the state of Andhra Pradesh and later cultivation moved to few other states such as Punjab, Haryana, Tamil Nadu etc. This variety is consumed mostly fresh and has a great nutritional value in its seed and skin. Nowadays, farmers are cultivating more and more Thompson seedless and its sub types, because of the market hype. As a result of that Shahi is at the verge of getting extinct in the coming future. Anab-e-Shahi has a long shape and its seeds are white in colour. 

- Dilkhush   

Like Thompson Seedless has its clones and sub types, Diskhush variety of grapes can be considered as clones of Anab-e-Shahi. Both varieties have the same attributes. Both have pale green colour along with white coloured seeds. Speaking about its production, Karnataka holds the first position along with many other states producing the same. Most of the harvesting is done in the hot summer days of March and April. Both Anab-e-Shahi and Dilkhush have a zesty taste to it. 

Sharad Seedless 

Sharad Seedless is black or purple in colour. These grapes are known for their sweetness and bright colour. These gapes have a high concentration of vitamin A, C and B6 and are considered very healthy. Most of the cultivation is done in the northern parts of the country with Mumbai being the centre of cultivation. Sharad Seedless is available between the months of December and February. These grapes are highly marketable and have a great demand in the overseas markets. 

- Perlette 

Perlette grapes are mostly round in shape but also come in oval shape as well. Perlette are seedless and kind of similar to Thompson Seedless variety. These grapes are big and have a clear thin skin with a bit of greenish tint. The insides are very juicy and delicious. Perlette can be grown in a wide range of climates. These grapes are eaten fresh and also used for producing raisins. In India, most of the cultivation happens in the state of Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.   

Bottom Line: 

Devour your mouth with the deliciousness of grapes.  

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