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ICAR Conducts Training Program on ‘Bio-Intensive Plant Health Management For Important Vegetable Crop

ICAR hosted a training program for the farmers to help them learn about pest management, organic farming, pollution reduction, etc.

Kritika Madhukar
Farmers Being Taught About Limiting The Usage Of Artificial And Chemical Fertilizers
Farmers Being Taught About Limiting The Usage Of Artificial And Chemical Fertilizers

A training program on the subject of ‘Bio-Intensive Plant Health Management For Important Vegetable Crop In Northeastern Region Of India’ was conducted in Umiam. According to a press release, the training program was conducted by the ICAR Research Complex’s Division of Crop Science.  

The event was attended by 35 farmers from Pynthor village, which is an adopted village under the Ri-Bhoi district’s Network Project on Organic Farming (NPOF). The three-day training program mainly focused on practices of bio-intensive management, major crop diseases in the region, and the important insect pests. These topics were explained to the farmers thoroughly via lectures. The lectures also included the topic of the importance of organic farming. Live demonstrations on the subjects of crop diseases and insect pests were also conducted during the program to help the farmers understand better. 

Head of the Division Crop, Dr. Bijoya Bhattacharjee, spoke to the audience and emphasized  the need for organic pest management for long-term agricultural practices, conservation of biodiversity and reducing pollution.

Farmers were given inputs such as  fruit fly trapping equipment, vegetable seeds, and bio-pesticides. Farmer-scientist contact was a major aspect of the initiative, with scientists from ICAR answering the farmers’ questions. A one-day seminar on Farmer Producer Organization (FPO) and Start-up was also offered by the Agribusiness Incubation Centre, ICAR Research Complex, to build market links for the farm goods which are locally available in the region. The event was held in association with NAARM, a-IDEA, Hyderabad. 

In his inauguration presentation, Dr. VK Mishra, Director of ICAR, Umiam, stressed that farmers should produce quality products so that they can have their own brand.

This will assist the region in attracting national and international consumers, as well as bringing inclusive growth to the area by FPOs. As a guest of honor, James P George, Deputy General Manager, NABARD Shillong, spoke during the event, emphasizing the importance of forming FPOs in the region for improved market-led operations. 

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