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India Will Have Lower Castor Seeds Output This Year, as Per SEA

SEA has surveyed that castorseed yield will be less this year.

Shipra Singh
Castor seeds
Castor seeds

The Solvent Extractors' Association of India (SEA) has provided the crop estimate for castorseed for 2020-21 and it does not cut a good picture. As per the estimate, the yield of castorseed this year has taken a dip of 6.3%. Unfavorable weather is to blame.  

As per the third field survey done in the castor growing areas of India, the overall output of this oilseed this year would be around 17.81 lakh tonnes, which is about 8% lesser than the earlier estimate of 19.02 lakh tonnes.  

Castor picking is now in the final stage (between the fourth and the fifth picking). But, as per a survey by SEA, higher temperature than normal has coerced farmers to cut short the picking activity. Most of them had stopped picking in April. Usually, farmers continue to pick till May. The survey report says that the average picking is 1-2 lesser than last year.  

Top producing states like Rajasthan and Gujarat have witnessed an adverse affect on castorseed yield due to unfavorable weather conditions in the months of February and March .  

SEA has given the following statement in its Gujarat crop survey: 

"Unfavorable weather, higher than normal temperature with warm wind after February and delayed sowing in several pockets has hit the castor yield during later stage of the crop cycle." 

The acreage of castor has decreased too. It is estimated at 8.26 lakh ha for 2020-21 as compared to 9.73 lakh ha in the previous year.  

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