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Industry Groups and Farmers from Bihar welcome Ethanol Policy

Chintu Das
Chintu Das

Bihar's trade, industry embodiment, and farmers have applauded the state cabinet's ratification of the ethanol production promotion policy for 2021. According to experts, the policy would aid in the reduction of gases. Because ethanol is primarily generated from sugarcane, as well as other crops, the policy would help sugarcane farmers increase their income. 

The nation's bioethanol mixing in petrol is presently at 10%, and the government has set a goal of 20% bioethanol mixing in petrol by 2030. The Oil Marketing Companies (OMC) buys ethanol from local farmers at a government-set price. 

“The use of Ethanol Incorporated Petrol will assist in decreasing pollution,” Ashok Kumar Ghosh, chairman of the Bihar State Pollution Control Board, said in a news report published by The Times of India. It will also help to stave off the loss of natural petroleum resources,” says the report. 

The policy, according to N K Thakur, vice-president of the Bihar Chamber of Commerce and Industries (BCCI), would increase Bihar's economic growth. He said, "The policy will help generate jobs for local citizens of the state." 

“Because the sugar mills stopped operating, I commenced growing other crops to sustain,” a Riga based farmer explained. I hope the government keeps its assurances and the farmers have better days ahead.” 

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