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International Institute of Information Technology Launches App to Assist Farmers in Detection of Crop Diseases

Scientists at International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad (IIIT H) have developed an application called ‘Crop Darpan’, to assist farmers with problems identified with crop development, bugs, bacterial infection, parasitic diseases, and nutritional insufficiency.

Chintu Das
Crop Darpan App
Crop Darpan App

Scientists at International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad (IIIT H) have developed an application called ‘Crop Darpan’, to assist farmers with problems identified with crop development, bugs, bacterial infection, parasitic diseases, and nutritional insufficiency. 

The primary objective of the mobile application, which was created under an Indo-Japan Joint Research Laboratory Project, is to mirror the presence of an agribusiness professional who isn't just knowledgeable with visual side effects of sicknesses tormenting crops however can likewise direct the farmers on suitable measures to handle the equivalent. 

The current model has been constructed for the cotton crop in two dialects, specifically English and Telugu. "It was nonetheless planned so that it is adaptable for all crops and can be stretched out in all Indian dialects as well. Truth be told, we have just started work on cultivating the framework in Hindi," said Srinivas Annapalli, who was present in the group that built up this application. 

In order to connect to this professional on the official portal, www.cropdarpan.in, farmers just need a cell phone with a legitimate internet connection. The Crop Darpan App is accessible at the play store.  

"The framework comes with a built-in chain of inquiries identified with visual indications shown by the crops. These can be complex generalized inquiries to more explicit ones. At the point when the farmer affirms the presence of a manifestation, he is guided to the following level inquiry basically narrowing down on the specific analysis of the harvest sickness. Guidance on the measures to alleviate the issue is likewise given," said Annapalli. 

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