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“J&K has Huge Untapped Potential for Agri-tech Start-ups”: Dr Jitendra Singh

'Purple Revolution,' which began in Jammu and Kashmir, offers appealing StartUp opportunities, with those who have entered the lavender sector making a fortune.

Shivam Dwivedi
A new wave of Agri-tech Start-Ups has emerged in the country- Dr Jitendra Singh
A new wave of Agri-tech Start-Ups has emerged in the country- Dr Jitendra Singh

On Wednesday, Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh stated that J&K has a large untapped potential for Agri-tech StartUps due to the geographical and climatic conditions that favour the cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants. Medicinal plants are thought to be a rich source of ingredients that can be used in the development of pharmaceutical, non-pharmacopoeial, or synthetic drugs.

Dr. Jitendra Singh said at the start-up summit in Srinagar that the government's job mindset is an impediment to start-up culture, particularly in North India. He stated that the 'Purple Revolution,' which originated in Jammu and Kashmir, provides appealing StartUp opportunities, and those who have entered the lavender sector are making a fortune.

He stated that it is critical to note some of the exemplary cases of many young entrepreneurs who are seen quitting lucrative jobs in MNCs to establish their own Start-Ups, as these young entrepreneurs are now beginning to realise the possibility of greater fortunes in this.

Dr. Jitendra Singh stated that as Union Minister for DoNER, he approved three Bamboo Clusters in Jammu, Katra, and Samba in 2020 for the production of Bamboo basketry, Agarbatti, and Bamboo Charcoal. He stated that bamboo products are in high demand both in India and abroad, and that the youth can explore huge entrepreneurial opportunities in this sector through start-ups.

He credited Prime Minister Narendra Modi's vision for "Start-Up India, Stand Up India" from the ramparts of Red Fort in his 2015 Independence Day address, which sparked widespread interest, and as a result, the number of Start-Ups in India has increased from 350 in 2014 to over 80,000 in 2022, with more than 100 unicorns.

Dr. Jitendra Singh stated that the Biotech KISAN Hub has rejuvenated 40 apple orchards to date, using a very innovative methodology to transform the old, senile, young, and non-productive orchards into more productive orchards. According to him, the new high-density apple plantation system is being vigorously promoted by the Biotech KISAN hub in J&K as well. The Minister promised that DBT and CSIR would provide full support for the establishment of Agritech Start-ups.

The Minister stated that in recent years, a new wave of Agri-tech Start-Ups has emerged in the country, and these Start-Ups are solving problems related to supply chain management, cooling and refrigeration, seed management and distribution, as well as assisting farmers in accessing a broader range of markets.

He stated that 'Kisan Drones' could be widely used to promote crop assessment, digitisation of land records, insecticide and nutrient spraying, and pointed out that countries such as Israel, China, and the United States have transformed several agricultural practises in their respective countries through the use of technology.

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